Site Development

Everything you need for your new home—or new business—build: from grading, to foundation installs, and everything in between.

Site development is a complex process. From site engineering to permitting, to your permanent driveway installation, you need an company you can trust to complete each phase of your build. That’s where Simple Life comes in. We can help you and your home builder simplify the process for each stage of site development required:

  • Pre-Construction Phase
  • Construction Phase 
  • Finish Phase 

Site Development with Simple Life Enterprise

From land planning to utility and footing installation, we are the only excavation company you’ll need for your project. We’re the start-to-finish team of professionals needed to set your home or business on its solid, lifelong foundation.

Site Development in Pre-Construction

If you’re new to the area, you may not understand how complicated the pre-construction phase can be in the Western North Carolina mountains. In fact, if you landed a ‘heck of a deal’ on some property, it may be due to the amount of work necessary to make the land inhabitable. 

At Simple Life, our job is to make your life simpler. We’re here to walk you through the ins-and-outs of your soil composition, your grade requirements, and all other aspects to outline exactly where your dollars are being utilized—helping you keep your plans and budget aligned.

Rough & Architectural Grading

Proper excavation is the foundation to your perfect home or business. You’ll need an access road (your future driveway) to your site for construction equipment to access the property—that may also include a bridge or culvert (all services provided by Simple Life). To cut the road, you’ll need knowledge of your easements, proper permitting, your survey and site plans, and more. 

Grading is critical for your construction to meet specifications. Without the correct preparation, your site may take on groundwater (and therefore create structural issues), it may have improper drainage, or it could change the full architectural concept of your build.

What We Do

Provide the Desired Property Aesthetics

Ensure Proper Drainage

Cultivate the Plan's Height and Depth of Cuts, Fills & Swales

Comply with Zoning and Permitting Restrictions

The Construction Process

Before building begins you’ll need vital applications dug out—including your septic system and/or other utilities to the nearest hookup. With your underground utilities laid and your first round of inspection passed, Simple Life is ready to begin the next phase of your new site project.

Once this process has been completed, Simple Life can develop your foundation. We are certified and trained to construct your engineered foundation, pour your footings and/or slab, and build your basement or crawl space. Rebar and moisture barriers will be put into place for the next round of inspection, before the final concrete is poured. Once approved, Simple Life completes this stage with concrete finishes.

Our Construction Services:

Construct Engineered Foundations

Pour Footings

Construct Crawl Space Foundations

Construct Basement Foundations

Finish Grading

You did it! Your home or business has been built. Now it’s time to make it perfect. Simple Life is a team of finish grading magicians. From foundational soil additions to fine-lawn and hydroseeding, and permanent driveway installation, we’ve got you covered. Your topsoil will be spread and compacted to create a smooth finish, your foundation will be flush with the elevation of your property, and we will analyze any potential erosion or drainage areas for your mountain destination.

Are you looking for additional post-construction services?

Check Out Our Hardscape Builds.

Areas We Service:

Arden, NC
Asheville, NC
Biltmore Forest, NC
Black Mountain, NC
Bryson City, NC
Burnsville, NC
Candler, NC
Canton, NC
Clyde, NC
Etowah, NC
Fairview, NC
Flat Rock, NC
Fletcher, NC
Franklin, NC
Greenville, SC
Greer, SC
Hendersonville , NC
Horse Shoe, NC
Hot Springs, NC
Marshall, NC
Mars Hill, NC
Mills River, NC
Montreat, NC
Swannanoa, NC
Sylva, NC
Tryon, NC
Weaverville, NC
Woodfin, NC

Don't see your area listed? That doesn't mean we can't help you. Contact us for special accommodations.