Need to install a new septic system? Gone too long between cleanings of your septic system, and now need a repair? Have no idea what’s happening, but it’s not good? We can help.

Because of our extensive experience not just in septic systems but also with landscaping, we work hard to use limited access machinery in our septic work. This means that we reduce the negative effects on your landscaping and lawn when completing our work.

Services we offer include new installation, repair, and replacement.

New Drainfield & Septic Installation: 

There are different types of systems that are best suited for specific types of soil and land areas. These include Conventional, Full Cut Down, T-Trench, and Mound Drainfields. New systems must also be approved by the local health department before installation, by applying for a permit called a Septic System I.P. (Improvement Permit), allowing the site to be used. A Construction Authorization (C.A.) must also be approved, which determines what kind of septic system will be installed. 

We’re happy to help figure out what system is best and get through the red tape of installation. The Cooperative Extension publication AG-439-12, Investigate Before You Invest, outlines useful information for new builders regarding septic systems and soil types.

Drainfield/Septic Repair & Replacement

Repair and/or replacement is needed when home or business owners notice something isn’t right with their septic systems. 

While there are preventative measures, such as cleaning and septic pumping, repair or replacement is necessary for fixing problems such as an overflowing septic tank. A blockage in just one area can cause system failure, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. We can repair drainfields and septic systems, including pipe repair.

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