How to Make and Keep Your Asheville Lawn GreenWhat are you doing this weekend? In many parts of the country, there is only so much to do in the great outdoors. Cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greenville have excellent parks and greenways, but residents of those areas travel to our city by the thousands each week. The reasons for visiting western North Carolina are easily apparent, with thousands of miles of hiking trails, hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails, hundreds of waterfalls, creeks and rivers to float down or fission, and everything from Glamping to back country camping, Asheville really has it all when it comes to outdoor adventures. 

With an influx of excellent career opportunities, everybody wants to move to Asheville, and we can’t blame them. It seems like every day, new condos, apartments, and neighborhoods are being constructed throughout Buncombe County. The same can be said of Henderson, Transylvania, and Madison Counties. While some are content to dwell in multi-family housing, others prefer a little more room to stretch out and a yard. To complement your beautiful Asheville home, residents enjoy making their lawns as green as possible.

How to Make and Keep Your Asheville Lawn Green

Even though most years we get the right amount of rainfall to help keep lines green, it does not always work out as we hoped, and it still takes time to keep your lawn looking as beautiful as you want. At the same time, there’s so much to do in Asheville and surrounding areas, you may not want to invest all of your spare time in maintaining your lawn. That’s where the experts at simple life landscaping can help.

Simple Life Landscaping has been serving Buncombe County and surrounding areas with the highest quality landscaping design, installation, and maintenance services. For Asheville area residents, Simple Life has long been the landscaping team in which you can trust. In addition to keeping your lawn green, if you can think of a landscaping project, there is a good chance we can do it. In addition to providing comprehensive landscape design and installation, Simple Life is committed to excellent customer service. We work with you to make your vision become a reality while ensuring effective communication throughout the process. 

We do everything from landscape installation to maintenance to making sure your lawn stays green and the envy of your neighbors. Contact simple life landscaping today, for more information on how your Asheville lawn can stay green.