autumn landscapeIt has been a long, hot summer in Asheville. Though we get at least a small break from the heat compared to our neighbors down east and to the south, we still get temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s throughout June, July, and August. But Fall is almost here. Autumn is a magical time to live in the mountains. The days are pleasantly warm, the evenings are cool enough for a backyard fire pit, and the leaves will begin changing colors. Thousands of tourists will visit Asheville for the magnificent display of unmatched beauty that will begin in the highest elevations like the Black Mountains as early as mid to late September and continue through the French Broad River Valley through late October. 

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors in and around Buncombe County. You can explore thousands of miles of hiking trails, go camping, or just sit in your backyard. As you plan to get outside, consider your fall landscaping projects. 

Landscaping Maintenance in Fall

Continue Cutting Grass

Cutting the grass is a chore you feel like you want to abandon as soon as possible; however, you may still have to mow through mid to late fall. 

Weed the Garden

You want to spend a dedicated time weeding, removing dead blooms, and overgrown plants in your garden. Spread new soil where there are bare spots and dump compost to replace nutrients loss from spring and summer. This will prepare the soil for spring planting and a better garden. 

Set Bird Feeders

Setting bird feeders in your yard will invite birds to come and feed. Having birds in your yard is a fantastic way to keep insect populations in check so you don’t have to as often.

Clean Your Shed

If you have a work shed or garden storage area in your backyard, it is time to clean and toss out any old chemicals, responsibly, and replenish your supply before next spring.

Landscaping Project Ideas

You may find that you want to make your outdoor space a better place to hang out. Some ideas for improving your outdoor living areas include:

  • Installing a firepit 
  • Adding patio pavers and paving stones
  • Improving hardscapes 
  • Adding water features

Whether you need help with fall landscaping maintenance, or you are ready to take on a great new landscaping project, Simple Life Landscaping is here to help in the Asheville area. Contact us for more information.