Local Excavation & Grading

We're earthmoving wizards: Here to serve both commercial and residential needs.

Excavation means many things. From moving earth, rock, and other materials, to constructing building foundations, roads, and more. What grading endeavor are you ready to tackle?

  • Are you looking to dig a basement prior to your home build?
  • Do you need an access road to a piece of property you’ve owned (and left unused) for years?
  • Are you ready to say goodbye to an old barn that’s ruining your scenic view?

Excavation with Simple Life

At Simple Life Enterprise, we handle it all. We’ve been in the Western North Carolina mountains our whole lives—which means we know this dirt like the back of our hands—and know exactly what our equipment is capable of.

We take pride in doing things right, and doing them right the first time. That’s the value we hold dear: saving you time, money, energy, and peace-of-mind, knowing your excavation project will be skillfully completed.


From dead fall cleanup to rock breaking, Simple Life has year-round availability to help you with every excavation and land development project imaginable.

Land Clearing

Proper excavation is the foundation to your unique and incredible project. Let Simple Life ensure your project begins on the right foot.

We are experts in managing both simple and complex land clearing requests. We are efficient workers ready to remove earth, break rock, clear trees, and demolish stumps, giving you a fresh site for your new build, road, or other structure. 

DRiveways and Roads

Your road is vital for the accessibility of your property. It’s never a smart move to cut corners or ‘take the cheap route’ when excavating your mountain road. Numerous factors come into play, such as your road’s grade (steepness), drainage, soil type & condition, visibility, and more. When you add in necessary permits and/or engineering requirements, there’s even more reason to call the professionals you can trust. What may seem costly now can save you a lifetime of hassle and future funds.

Are you planning to pave or lay blacktop? Then it’s necessary to enlist a skilled team for precision grading. This is a must in order for the pavement to lay correctly. If any steps are missed during grading, it’s possible for your blacktop to fail altogether.


Roadway Surfaces We Specialize in:

At Simple Life, we’ll handle your project from start to finish, and install any of the following surfaces to reach completion—

Pavement (Blacktop or Asphalt)

Contact Simple Life Enterprises today, and get it done right the first time. 

Drainage & Erosion Control

In Western North Carolina water can be the ultimate liability. From soggy pits to landslides, and everything in between, proper drainage can make or break your home new construction site. With an uptick in weather patterns and climate change, we’ve seen an immediate impact on local drainage problems over the past few years.

If you’re experiencing drainage issues like a soggy backyard, we have solutions for you:

French Drain Installation

French Drain installation by paver patio and inground pool in Asheville, NC

Do you commonly find water building up in your basement or yard? A French Drain may be necessary to divert groundwater from your foundation, keeping your home dry and free from mold. At Simple Life, we are skilled professionals in installing systems like french drains to eliminate free-standing water. We utilize perforated drainage pipes, gravel, and fabric to navigate the water away from your structure(s), to a safe zone.

Catch Basins

If you have a low area on your property that seems to catch every drop of water known to man, a Catch Basin (or a yard drain) may be the answer to your prayers. This drain catches surface runoff water and dispenses it away from the area, through the help of an underground drainage system. 

Drainage Swales

Drainage swales are strategic trenches, designed to stabilize the soil and eliminate washout. Swales create a clear channel for the water to flow through your property and can be a beautiful landscape feature, while effectively diverting drainage and erosion issues. 

Minor Grading for Drainage

At Simple Life, we believe proper grading solves a majority of issues. In most cases, we believe grading is necessary to reshape water flows, fill in low (saturated) spots, and/or ensure drainage flows away from structures. In fact, installs like french drains and yard drains can cause more harm than good if installed incorrectly, or in lieu of proper grading solutions.


If you have an eyesore on your property like a non-working, inground pool, or a crumbling tobacco barn, you’ve probably been counting down the days to wipe that liability into a clean slate. At Simple Life, we are demo-prodigies. You’ll forget your unwanted monstrosity ever existed by the time we’re through.

House Demolition

Structure Demolition

Pool Demolition

C. Martin
Asheville, NC
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"Had an old storage building that was beyond repair. Cleared away building and debris, leveled the ground, and trimmed the surrounding trees. BEAUTIFUL WORK! I was amazed how quickly the job was completed. Will definitely use again."

Areas We Service:

Arden, NC
Asheville, NC
Biltmore Forest, NC
Black Mountain, NC
Bryson City, NC
Burnsville, NC
Candler, NC
Canton, NC
Clyde, NC
Etowah, NC
Fairview, NC
Flat Rock, NC
Fletcher, NC
Franklin, NC
Greenville, SC
Greer, SC
Hendersonville , NC
Horse Shoe, NC
Hot Springs, NC
Marshall, NC
Mars Hill, NC
Mills River, NC
Montreat, NC
Swannanoa, NC
Sylva, NC
Tryon, NC
Weaverville, NC
Woodfin, NC

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