How to Enjoy Your Backyard During Autumn

How to Enjoy Your Backyard During Autumn

Autumn is one of the most anticipated seasons, coming after summer and before winter. The third season of the year is most desirable due to its favorite pumpkins spice flavors. With cooler temperatures that are somewhat breezy and picturesque colorful foliage, the outdoors provide a tempting motive to pack up your summer outdoor furniture for the year. But what homeowners don’t know is that you can extend the life of your backyard and patio by transforming your favorite summer fun in the sun into a cozy relaxing spot for enjoying the autumn nights. 


Take advantage of the season by spending time outdoors with loved ones before the freezing temperatures rise. Set out some chairs around the fire pit and roast some s’ mores. Sip on warm apple cider as you cozy up with someone to gaze at the stars. Here are a few ways to enjoy your backyard this fall. 

Cozy Up Your Patio

You have your tables and chairs set up, along with umbrellas to block the smoldering summer rays. But when temperatures begin to drop, you may want to consider putting away the umbrellas for the season. This allows the sun to shine in your space during the day, but also clear the view for stargazing during the night. As nights become chilly, to bring more warmth to the area, circle a few outdoor chairs around a fire pit to take pleasure in a nice time. To even cozier up your patio, do away with summer hues and decorate your chairs with classic fall colors to add a layer of comfort with outdoor pillows. Even toss some snuggly blankets on the outdoor sofa and even sharable-sized quilts.

Creative Lighting to Set the Mood

As the days start to become shorter and nights become longer, it’s important to have enough lighting on your porch or patio for those nights. Creatively adding simple porch lights can add an ambiance mood to your space. A set of outdoor string lights bring a whimsical look to the patio and porch. You can even wrap a few long string lights around trees, bushes, or fences. Another lighting option is using candles in tall clear glass holders. Lanterns also are a nice touch when adding lighting to your space. Once pumpkin season arrives, take out your carving knives and get crafty. Jack-o’-lanterns are a great way to add a festive touch 

Keep on Grilling

Your grill has probably seen a large share of hamburger and hotdog cookouts that you may be ready to close the lid and pack your tools. Well not so fast, because you can still use the grill during the fall season as a smoker. Grills are a great way to cook outdoors when the temperatures are not too cold. First, you want to clean your grill from any rust and grime from previous events. Get rid of any leftover ashes and charcoal. Using a stiff wire brush dipped in water, scrub the surface with a little touch of dish soap or grill cleaner. Wipe the grate with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue or debris. You are ready to cook with your choice of meat and add delicious smoky flavors. Cooking with your grill adds a great fall activity.

Friendly Outdoor Tournaments

If you are planning an event in your backyard, an afternoon of playing lawn games can be fun and exciting. Outdoor lawn games are a great way to entertain guests and spend time together with family and friends. You can choose a variety of games to choose from. The most popular outdoor games to play in autumn are corn hole and crochet. After a friendly competitive tournament, indulge in some fall flavors like caramel apples, and pumpkin pie. 

With pumpkin spice season around the corner, we hope this fall you will be able to enjoy your yard, but it isn’t too soon to start thinking about your landscape for spring. Click here to learn more about 5 spring landscaping tips for Asheville residents. 

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