Five Tips for Maintaining Your Landscaping in Western North Carolina

Five Tips for Maintaining Your Landscaping in Western North Carolina

Spring is in full swing in Asheville, North Carolina. If you are new to the area, having moved from somewhere down East, or less mountainous, you may feel like the season started later. Though Asheville is not a cold-weather city, it is we are usually a few weeks behind our neighbors in the Piedmont and upstate. Nevertheless, from lush green forests to stunning wildflowers, spring is worth the wait in the mountains.

For home and property owners in Henderson and Buncombe counties, there is a lot of reason to try to make sure your landscaping matches the beautiful surroundings of the area. In our previous post, we discussed spring landscaping tips for our region, but if you have already gotten started with your landscaping, you know how difficult maintenance can be. In this post, we want to help you with several tips for maintaining your beautiful landscape throughout spring.


Five Key Tips for Landscape Maintenance in Western North Carolina

1) Do not plant sensitive plants too early.

Asheville is a paradox, a southern city in the mountains, characterized by warmer winters than most urban areas at its elevation but cooler summers than its Carolina and Tennessee neighbors. It snows most winters, but the temperature only drops below freezing about 70-nights annually. During summer, temperatures rarely exceed 90-degrees (though the mercury can reach the upper 90s) and have significantly lower humidity than nearby Greenville and Charlotte.

Winter, however, can be frigid or mild; however, late-season cold snaps are common regardless of what temperatures are like in January and February. As late April and May of 2020 have taught us, hard freezes and snowfall can occur even in mid-spring, even after exceptionally mild winters. Warmth in February and March may tempt you to sow your garden and plant sensitive flowers and plants; however, it is always important to be mindful of the potential for devastating cold long after winter should have released its grip.

2) Tips for reducing weeds

One of the most annoying parts of landscape maintenance is battling weeds. A few tips for reducing the amount of weeding you have to do include:

  • When you do weed, get the entire root.
  • Utilize weed deterrents like bedding and mulch.
  • Make sure you leave proper spacing between plants.
  • Do not feed your weeds good water and nutrients when you can avoid it.
  • Take up your weeds at times that are easiest such as after drenching rainfall.
  • Weed early and often. Do not let them get ahead of you.

3) Do not waste your dead leaves and grass clippings

You are going to get a lot of leaves and grass clippings throughout the spring and fall. Those items are a gift from nature. Do not waste them. Bag them up and spread them over your garden and around your landscaping. They are nutrient rich and will help you plants thrive.

4) Beware of over-watering and drought

Unfortunately, many plants show almost exactly the same signs of being over-watered as they do when they are thirsty. From your turf to your garden, make sure you are familiar with how much water your plants need. Do not be surprised if each one has unique requirements. Furthermore, do not trust the clouds to provide what your landscaping needs. While we average a healthy 40+ inches of rain in western North Carolina, some years may be drought-ridden and exceptionally difficult for your landscaping.

5) Hire a professional

There is a lot to do each day for those who want to keep their lawns and landscaping maintained properly throughout spring and summer. For Asheville and Hendersonville residents who want to enjoy all the area has to offer as well as their property, landscaping maintenance may be a nagging chore. If you want to make sure your yard remains as beautiful as the surrounding area, hiring a professional is your best option.

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