9 Tips That Will Help You Prepare Your Landscape for Autumn

9 Tips That Will Help You Prepare Your Landscape for Autumn

Autumn is quickly approaching around the corner. With pumpkin spice scented everything and orange and red decor galore, summer is almost officially over and fall is on its way. Get ready to unpack your sweaters and scarves and equip your outdoor tools because you should start preparing your landscape for winter weather.

Here are 9 tips to prepare your home’s exterior for Autumn that will ensure when spring comes again, you’re ready to enjoy your garden and yard like never before.


Remove Dead Foliage

Just like taking down and packing away your spring and summer items for the winter, you will want to get rid of any dead plants, leaves, and branches. Removing any unnecessary dead foliage will make your yard cleaner and less abandoned when winter hits. Yard maintenance includes getting rid of any dead landscaping like shrubs, as well as raking fallen leaves and fixing brown patches on your lawn. Preparing beforehand will make taking care of your lawn easier when it snows. 

Wash the Exterior of Your House

After clearing the yard, the exterior of your house will be more visible to leaves in gutters, and any lingering debris on the windows, roof, and walls. Wash the windows and outside walls with a pressure wash to rid any loose leaves and sticks that lurk in the gutters and downspouts. If you are feeling renovated, give the outside a fresh coat of paint and maybe put up some autumn decor to lift your festive spirits. 

Cut Your Grass

Mowing your lawn one last time in the fall is essential because it will preserve your grass in winter. You want to mow at least 2 and 2 ½ inches by September so, throughout the growing season, your grass will be a thick vigorous turf. 

Freshly Mulch Trees and Plants

When you mulch in autumn, your yard and garden will stay healthy for spring. Adding 2-3 inches of fresh mulch around the base of a tree or plant will enrich and provide insulation to the soil. This results in keeping the weeds down to protect the roots from frost and retain moisture against the dry winter air. Be sure to buy only organic mulch to keep your outdoors looking healthy and fresh. 

Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilizing your turfgrass with an all-natural fertilizer will give adequate nutrients and store food during the winter months. Putting down two separate applications in a six-week window before fall can result in the turfgrass to survive looking it’s best through the winter months and be ready again in the spring. 

Drain Garden Hoses

If you have used your garden hose in the summer, you may have some residual water in the hose when rolled up and put away. Having leftover water and left outside, your garden hose is susceptible to cold weather. During winter when temperatures drop below freezing, the water in your hose will expand and cause permanent damage. To avoid this, drain your garden hose and stow it away properly to save it from harsh weather conditions.

Weed the Garden

You want to spend a dedicated time weeding, removing dead blooms, and overgrown plants in your garden. Spread new soil where there are bare spots and dump compost to replace nutrients loss from spring and summer. This will prepare the soil for spring planting and a better garden. 

Set Bird Feeders

Setting bird feeders in your yard will invite birds to come and feed. Having birds in your yard is a fantastic way to keep insect populations in check so you don’t have to as often.

Clean Your Shed

Out with the old and in with the new. If you have a work shed or garden storage area in your backyard, it is time to clean and toss out any old chemicals, responsibly, and replenish your supply before next spring. The first step in cleaning your shed is to get rid of any tools and trash that are useless and piling up. Organize the rest of your items so they can be neatly stored for winter. For gardening products, check the shelf life because over time they may lose their effectiveness depending on the length of time and temperature. Tend to your tools by oiling metal and wooden ones. Sharpen everything that needs it with a proper file. Lastly, do any necessary work to maintain the shed itself.

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