5 Key Spring Landscaping Tips for Asheville Residents

5 Key Spring Landscaping Tips for Asheville Residents

Spring has arrived in NC, with sunshine, afternoon rain showers and all of the animals and insects that are drawn out by the warmer weather. Now is the perfect time to start planning out your landscaping, both for your home and business. A beautiful yard can increase curb appeal and create a more welcoming environment for all who pass by. Here are 5 tips to help you with your spring beautification efforts.

1) Don’t Rush

Even though you might be anxious to get to work as soon as the weather is nice, you don’t want to start too early. This can have devastating results if a late frost comes through and you could nullify all of your hard work and waste money spent on seeds, soil, and other supplies.

2) Research

This includes knowing the climate of your area, which plants thrive in your location, what time of year you should plant, and how much time and work are required for the plants you choose. You will also need to know what kind of maintenance is required for any landscaping elements.

Because pests, such as deer, rabbits, or certain insects can wreak havoc in your yard, you will want to be familiar with the most common pests you might encounter and what steps you can take to keep them away.

3) Plan Ahead 

Whether you are gardening, mulching, or planting flowers, it is always beneficial to know what you want in advance and where you are going to put it. Going to the home and garden stores or plant nurseries can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t go with an idea of what you want in advance. You certainly don’t want to have to make multiple trips because you don’t have enough supplies. 

Just like decorating the inside of your home, there are so many potential directions you can go with your landscaping. You can get ideas by searching online (try using Pinterest for inspiration), by looking at other homes nearby, or by consulting an expert.

Give yourself a realistic timeline for implementing your plan, whether that means doing everything yourself, getting help from your friends or neighbors, or hiring a professional to assist you.

4) Map it Out

Every yard is different, even in the same geographical location. Some have abundant amounts of shade, while others are exposed to the sunshine for the majority of the day. For this reason, it’s important to know where in your yard you will plant depending on how much sun or shade the plants you choose need.

You might consider the benefits of companion planting. Certain plants may inhibit or support the growth of others. In addition, you may wish to deter a specific kind of pest and there may be a plant that helps you do so. For example, supports the growth of most garden crops, especially lettuce and tomatoes, and repels mosquitos.

5) Consult an Expert

Just as you might hire an interior designer (or, at the very least, seek advice from trusted friends) to select paint colors, decor, and flooring, a second opinion is always advantageous. 

Simple Life Landscaping can support your landscaping efforts from start to finish. Beginning a new landscape project can get overwhelming pretty quickly. We can help you figure out what exactly you need, while also staying within your budget and a reasonable, well-communicated timeframe. Our process includes setting up a time to come to your property in order to get a sense of your vision, goals, and budget. We’ll walk the property with you while discussing what you enjoy about your current landscape, and what you really don’t. 

Contact Simple Life Landscaping to begin a friendly conversation about the project you have in mind, and how you want to feel when you’re in your yard.