It’s the perfect time to start planning for your long-awaited holiday trip. These trips are usually spent during the festive week of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Once you've picked a date, booked your tickets, and packed your bags, you want to ensure your home is vacation-ready before you take off.

Autumn is one of the most anticipated seasons, coming after summer and before winter. The third season of the year is most desirable due to its favorite pumpkins spice flavors. With cooler temperatures that are somewhat breezy and picturesque colorful foliage, the outdoors provide a tempting motive to pack up your summer outdoor furniture for the year. But what homeowners don’t know is that you can extend the life of your backyard and patio by transforming your favorite summer fun in the sun into a cozy relaxing spot for enjoying the autumn nights. 

As far as southern cities go, we have one of the most unique climates. The mountains we enjoy seeing rise around us help take some of the edge off of oppressive summer heat. We have the highest elevation of any city our size east of the Mississippi. That results in average temperatures 5-10 degrees lower than our neighbors in the foothills and piedmont. We also get a break from the worst of the humidity for which the South is renowned. However, there are some days and weeks each summer that feel hot enough it hardly matters. Yet, you do not want to be cooped up inside, especially if you have kids stuck at home. 

We want to help you get the most out of your backyard, lawn, and landscaping all summer long. Here are 6 tips for enjoying your outdoor spaces. 

Autumn is quickly approaching around the corner. With pumpkin spice scented everything and orange and red decor galore, summer is almost officially over and fall is on its way. Get ready to unpack your sweaters and scarves and equip your outdoor tools because you should start preparing your landscape for winter weather.

Here are 9 tips to prepare your home’s exterior for Autumn that will ensure when spring comes again, you’re ready to enjoy your garden and yard like never before.

Spring is in full swing in Asheville, North Carolina. If you are new to the area, having moved from somewhere down East, or less mountainous, you may feel like the season started later. Though Asheville is not a cold-weather city, it is we are usually a few weeks behind our neighbors in the Piedmont and upstate. Nevertheless, from lush green forests to stunning wildflowers, spring is worth the wait in the mountains.

For home and property owners in Henderson and Buncombe counties, there is a lot of reason to try to make sure your landscaping matches the beautiful surroundings of the area. In our previous post, we discussed spring landscaping tips for our region, but if you have already gotten started with your landscaping, you know how difficult maintenance can be. In this post, we want to help you with several tips for maintaining your beautiful landscape throughout spring.

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